We do not support spam or the use of our system and tools for spamming. Unsolicited emails of any type will not be tolerated.

Here are the rules that you should abide to:

  • All your mailings should be fully CAN SPAM compliant (read more about the rules & penalties from FTC's website).

    You should specifically pay attention to the first three rules of the CAN spam act, which are:

    Don’t use false or misleading header information: - the from name and email address that you use for your messages should be that of a real person or business. Your subscribers should be able to easily identify your messages from those two information.

    Don’t use deceptive subject lines: - The subject line must accurately reflect the content of the message. If you use a misleading subject line as an effort to deceive your subscribers into opening your message or clicking on a link found in the message, you will be in direct infraction of this rule and is ground for immediate suspension and de-activation of your account.

    Identify the message as an ad: - if your message is ad avertisement, clearly disclose it in the body of the message.

  • Our system automatically includes your mailing address in each message as required by the can spam act. Circumventing that feature is against our terms of service and is ground for termination of your account.

  • You shall NOT send inappropriate messages to your list. For example if your list subscribers signed up to receive marketing related information, don't send them health or any other un-related messages. Even though the person subscribed to your list, it will be considered spamming if you do so. Send them only the type of messages that they are expecting to receive.

  • All leads added to your list should receive the consent of the subscriber the email address belongs to. Implied consent does not count. Example: You are not allowed to import lists purchased from another source or generated through co-registrations. All subscribers should signup by themself either by sending an email request to your autoresponder or through your subscription form posted on your website.

  • Batch subscribing people from a single source is not allowed (example: co-registrations sites, automated subscribe systems/software where every subscriber's ip remain the same)

  • Always use a valid and frequently accessed email account for all your autoresponders so that your subscribers can reach you easily when they hit the reply button on their email client.

  • You should not put too many blank lines at the end of your message so as to make the unsubscribe link difficult to reach for the subscriber. A maximum of 5 blank lines is acceptable.

  • If a spam complaint comes against you, we will review it against your account to see if that person is indeed subscribed (or was subscribed) to determine if it was a complaint due to SPAM or due to forgetfulness on the part of the recipient. However, we will be the final arbiter of any complaint.

  • If anyone ever contacts you to be removed from the list, you must remove that person as soon as possible. Hopefully the person will use the automated tools but not everyone does that.

  • There will be no advertising of your autoresponder, subscription form or this web site in any way by means of bulk unsolicited advertising. This includes direct bulk emailing of advertising going directly to this site or an email address on this site as well as utilizing doorway pages that redirect through or link to this site.

  • Any legitimate complaint by an internet user about spamming will result in your account being shut down and actions taken by us.

To the internet user, if you have been spammed by someone using our services, please notify us by clicking here with as many details as you can so we can verify the spam complaint and take appropriate action.