Case Study: A Simple Newsletter Earns $140,000 in Six Months

Because competition is a real concern in this case study, I am not permitted to identify the particular niche.

Fortunately, this strategy applies to any niche where you can save customers money on something they currently buy. It will also function in a variety of other niches, but for the time being, let's focus on the money-saving aspect.

For the sake of argument, I'll modify the specialty to air travel, and we'll pretend it's not during a pandemic.

This gentleman – let's call him Vinnie – set up an information email list where he distributed free information about inexpensive flights. I've modified the ... read more

In just ten minutes, you can add $500 to any promotion.

The $500 value was chosen at random. You might earn an extra $100 to $2000 or even more depending on the scale of the promotion.

The following is how it works:

Consider including a one-time deal for your own personal email assistance for an additional cost whenever you advertise a product, whether it's your own or an affiliate one.

For example, you're offering a $47 product that teaches customers how to train their horses. You provide your own personal email support for a set period of time to answer any queries customers have about putting the information in the product into practice.

When it ... read more

How to Raise Prices Without Upsetting Customers And How to Lower Prices Without Previous Customers Throwing a Fit

I once knew a marketer who refused to drop his prices under any circumstances. He was always afraid that past customers would be mad that the course they paid $197 for a month or a year ago now cost $97. Heck, they might even seek a refund for the difference in price. I'm sure he imagined that every single one of his clients was glued to their computers, waiting for the price to drop so they could complain.

They weren't, in case you didn't know.

And I've known a lot of marketers that refused to raise their prices. They were fearful of ... read more

blog transfer

As part of a feature that I will be releasing soon, which will allow visitors to share the blog content and earn money at the same time, I will be using as the new home for the blog instead of  .  So that's why the blog starts with the year 2021 .  The older posts will remain at for the time being.  Maybe later I will create a feature that will allow me to transfer the content from one blog to ... read more

In 2021, how will digital marketing change?

Businesses have been pushed from the offline to the internet world at breakneck pace as a result of Covid-19, making digital marketing more competitive than ever.

How are you going to compete in 2021?

1: If you haven't already, it's time to become serious about producing a lot of high-quality material. You need a lot of content on the internet every day, whether it's one sentence on social media or an entire white paper.

2: Adjust the size of your article. Consider going smaller instead of writing super large authority-type posts of perhaps 3000 words that completely cover a topic. Short articles that ... read more