In 24 Hours, Discover Your Most Profitable Price Point

Will you make more money if you charge $47 for a product than if you charge $27?

Consider it...

It is not only the price that is important, but also the conversion rate.

If $27 converts at nearly twice the rate or better than $47, then $27 is a superior pricing point for you.

But what if you charge $37 instead? Maybe $37 is the winning price, but you won't know till you test.

And, if you have any costs associated with fulfillment, such as if you provide services, you must account for those as well.

Doesn't it get complicated quickly?

But I heard about the '100 ... read more

This Email Line Increases Your Monthly Income by $500-1000

This is absolutely old school, but most marketers never do it.

In fact, it can add several hundred dollars or more to your monthly income.

And it only takes a line or two of text in your emails to accomplish this.

What exactly is it?

The signature line.

In every email you send to your list, include a simple signature line with a link to an offer as a footer.

This may apply to one of your main products, such as your coaching program or a high-end course.

Yes, that almost sounds too simple, doesn't it?

For a few of reasons, you're unlikely to obtain a lot of ... read more

17.5 Easy Ways to Make the Most of Your Day and Feel Great

What happens when the most recent scientific information is combined with everyday, simple habits?

You begin to believe that you can do, be, and achieve anything.

First, a little backstory to establish the scene...

Neuromodulators such as dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, and others, according to Dr. Andrew Huberman, modulate and boost the activity of some brain circuits while suppressing the activity of others.

When dopamine is released, for example, it causes certain brain areas to function better and others to function less well. Dopamine boosts energy and motivation while also causing us to focus on things other than ourselves. It improves our inner well-being while ... read more

Hate Testing? Try This Instead

You already know that the higher the conversion rate of your funnel, the more money you may generate. You can spend more money on advertising or affiliate commissions and still make a lot of money.

Of course, the trick is to get your sales funnel to convert well. And in order to do so, you must test... well... everything. You should test the sales copy that leads someone to your squeeze page, the copy on the page, the look of the page, the title of the freebie you're giving away, the cover of that freebie, the offer they see when they ... read more