5 Steps to Making Your Passion (or Interest) Profitable

They claim that if you pursue your passion, you will be successful. The notion is that your passion will carry you through all of the trials, tribulations, and setbacks that will eventually lead to your tremendous success.

There is some genuine truth to this.

Assume you're on your way to somewhere you don't particularly want to go, and you have a flat tire. This has to be a sign, right? Let's turn around and head back home.

However, if you're on your way to somewhere you've always wanted to go, a flat tire is only a little inconvenience. It won't change anything except ... read more

How to Revitalize Your Business in 30 Days with No Money Out of Pocket

Have you ever taken your car onto a frozen lake, parked it, cut a hole in the ice, and begun fishing?

If you live in a warm environment, this may seem like a foolish concept. Why would you remain on the ice for hours, freezing to death, waiting for a fish to awaken from its frigid slumber and bite your hook?

Making an ice-fishing shanty is one method to make this pastime more comfortable. This is a small construction that is pulled out onto the ice and is about the size of a garden shed. The construction features one or more trap ... read more

Do THIS to Lower Refunds And Increase Sales

Most new marketers make the costly error of believing that the sale is complete when the customer purchases the product.


That is only the first sale.

Wise marketers who want to stay in business and profit realize that there are two more sales to be made.

First, you must persuade the new buyer of the superiority of your product. If you don't, you'll get additional refund demands.

Second, you must persuade your new customer to consume and use your products. When you do this, your new consumers are considerably more likely to buy further things from you, frequently at much greater prices.

Surprisingly, you can ... read more

How to Make Money on Twitch in 7 Easy Steps

Twitch streamers can earn six and seven figures per year. And, while Twitch is the most popular platform for gamers, you don't have to be a player to make money on it.

What exactly is Twitch?

Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, is the world's top live streaming network for gamers and other lifestyle casters. Twitch streamers broadcast their games or activity by sharing their live screens with fans and subscribers, forming communities around a shared and streamable interest.

Twitch is not only for gamers. There is a vast range of programming available, including live and recorded music, sports, travel, food, and conversation ... read more

Changes and upgrades in version 8.45

Changes and upgrades in version 8.45

  • fixed issue with admin login when user has a switching ip from v4 to v6 or if they are behing a proxy.
  • fixed issue with support ticket creation (notification email)
  • updated ticket settings feature that was trigerring new modsecurity rules (false positive)
  • fixed issue with duplicate posts appearing on main CMS page.

The Psychological Method for Getting Things Done

They conducted an experiment in the 1970s to see if the same college students who brought in their assignments on time also had clean socks. (This is not a joke; they actually did it.)

The idea was that people who completed their schoolwork would also complete their personal chores.

However, the outcomes were the opposite of what they had hoped for. Students who turned in assignments on time were bad at keeping up with laundry, while students who kept up with laundry sent in work late.

What's going on?

Researchers eventually discovered that we have a finite quantity of attention and willpower to devote ... read more