Case Study: $3,000 a month in residual income without a membership site

Let me start by saying that $3,000 is a very modest estimate. I assume this guy (let's call him Mike) earns three to five times that amount, but let's be conservative and say $3000.

Mike has discovered a technique to create residual revenue that is right beneath our noses. In reality, it's an approach that's been taught for decades or more, but relatively few marketers use it.

I'm almost certain you're already aware of this strategy. But I'm also fairly certain that you're not employing this strategy, at least not to the amount that Mike is.

On the technical side, all you need ... read more

Beware the Moderators from Hell

You have a forum, a Facebook Group, or some other type of social media platform that keeps you quite busy.

So what do you do?

You ask a number of your most devoted members or followers to serve as moderators on your behalf.

Perhaps one of them will even volunteer.

“Hello Nick, I'm constantly on this forum, and I know you're busy... “How about I serve as a moderator to assist you?”

That's incredible, isn't it?

You get free assistance from one of your biggest fans - someone who knows what you're talking about and wants to help you tell the world about yourself and your ... read more

Facebook Jails the Innocent

When people are blocked or banned from posting on Facebook or accessing their accounts, they are said to be in “Jail.” This is expected to happen as a result of infractions or spamming conduct, and it might result in the permanent deletion of a Facebook account.

But here's the catch...

Facebook can't regulate material accurately, which is why it makes 300,000 content moderation blunders...

... on a daily basis.

This is what happens:

About 3 million times per day, Facebook content moderators analyze posts, photographs, and videos that have been flagged by people or artificial intelligence. Facebook employs approximately 15,000 content moderators to do this. ... read more

5 Steps to Creating Sales-Generating Content

How would you like every piece of content you publish to act as a sales agent for you? Imagine if every article, post, or video you made resulted in additional followers and sales... How cool would that be?

Here are five tips for creating content that people want to read, use, and buy from.

1: Write numbered headlines that entice people to read your content.

The first step in creating successful content is ensuring that it is read by your target audience. This means you'll need a title that catches people's attention and makes them want to read it straight away.

The use of ... read more