Mini Case Study: Inexperienced Marketer Creates Online Courses and Earns $5,000 Per Month

That $5,000 per month, by the way, and only took him roughly 7 months to attain.

We'll refer to our person as Mark (not his real name), and here's what he did.

Mark was desperate to get out of his job. To cut a long story short, he despised his work, despised his boss, despised the commute... You get the picture.

Mark chooses to pursue online marketing one day, but he has no idea what to do or how to get started.

Mark enrolls in an online course through a site like Udemy to cover a knowledge gap. Instead of studying online marketing, Mark ... read more

How to Move Your Website Without Going Crazy

Site migration refers to any event in which a website experiences significant changes that can have a big impact on search engine visibility, such as changing the site's location, platform, structure, and so on.

Assume you decide to migrate your website to a different platform, change the domain name, or use HTTPS. Any of them could be a terrific business decision, and your transfer could go smoothly. But then you discover something is wrong: no one is visiting your website because it is no longer listed in search engines.

This is a nightmarish scenario that occurs on a daily basis because site ... read more

The Secret to Getting Heavy Hitter Affiliates to Promote Your Products

Assume you have a new product that is doing exceptionally well. It's converting at 10% or higher, the earnings per click are skyrocketing, and the upsells are doing admirably.

You're now in a position to call MAJOR joint venture partners and affiliates and get them to promote your product, right?

After all, these heavy hitters want to promote products that will make them money, and you've already demonstrated that your product can do just that.

Furthermore, even just one of these joint ventures has the potential to put a lot of money in your pocket.

Of course, the next step is to send out ... read more

10 Rules for Achieving Anything in Life

Maybe you're trapped in a rut and can't seem to get out.

Perhaps you can't even recall what your dreams are (or were).

Or perhaps you're on the verge of huge success but can't seem to cross the finish line.

Here's some assistance.

These are the ten guidelines I follow in life to achieve success in 3 out of 4 endeavors.

That's correct. I fail about 1 out of every 4 times.

But then I get back up, wash the grass stains off of my jeans, and go back to work.

Here are my ground rules: (tips, suggestions, laws or whatever works for you).

May they assist you ... read more