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Do THIS to Lower Refunds And Increase Sales

Most new marketers make the costly error of believing that the sale is complete when the customer purchases the product.


That is only the first sale.

Wise marketers who want to stay in business and profit realize that there are two more sales to be made.

First, you must persuade the new buyer of the superiority of your product. If you don't, you'll get additional refund demands.

Second, you must persuade your new customer to consume and use your products. When you do this, your new consumers are considerably more likely to buy further things from you, frequently at much greater prices.

Surprisingly, you can make both of these sales using a single simple strategy. I'm going to presume that the product in question is an information product, and that it's of high quality - no garbage.

This is what you do:

When you collect reviews and testimonials before launch (which you are, right?) You'll ask your reviewers a handful of additional questions:

1: What is your favorite section/chapter/video of the product?

2: What did you uncover, and how will you apply what you learned to attain your goal?

Your questions may be different depending on your product and niche.

The idea is to have each reviewer pick a favorite part of the product and tell you what they plan to do with it.

For example,  “The third video, taught me how to add an extra $10,000 to my monthly income with just a few modest modifications to what I'm already doing.”

Or, "The fifth chapter showed a mistake I'd been doing that almost lost me my marriage." Now that I'm aware of it, I've made a small modification that has reunited my spouse and me, and we feel like newlyweds!”

You can include these in your sales materials, but you can also include them INSIDE your product to remind customers why they bought it in the first place. You may include testimonials at the beginning of chapters, on the page hosting that specific video, or somewhere else that makes sense.

People naturally forget the majority of what they were told in the sales letter or sales video after they purchase your product. They may only recall paying $199 for a package that will teach them how to blog a week or two later. You're doomed if buyer's regret creeps in before they've even tried your stuff. A refund request has been sent to your inbox.

By including these unique testimonials, you remind consumers that others have found your product to be especially beneficial. This can entice them to read or watch your stuff and realize how fantastic it is. Instead of requesting a refund, they will be curious as to what else you have to offer them.

More advice: Include these testimonials, as well as bullet points, in the follow-up email series you send after the sale. This will remind prospective buyers that they made a wise decision by purchasing your goods and will urge them to consume and use it.

Include a list of bullet points describing readers what they'll learn in this material at the start of each chapter or section, as well as on the page where each video is streamed.

Remember that it is critical to not only make the initial sale, but also to sell them on the idea that they made a wise purchase as well as on consuming the product. When you do this, you will drastically reduce refunds while also encouraging your new buyers to make many more purchases from you in the future.