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Hate Testing? Try This Instead

You already know that the higher the conversion rate of your funnel, the more money you may generate. You can spend more money on advertising or affiliate commissions and still make a lot of money.

Of course, the trick is to get your sales funnel to convert well. And in order to do so, you must test... well... everything. You should test the sales copy that leads someone to your squeeze page, the copy on the page, the look of the page, the title of the freebie you're giving away, the cover of that freebie, the offer they see when they subscribe, the upsell offer that follows (if there is one), and so on.

Everything must be tested.

This is both time-consuming and costly.

Because it could be days or weeks before you even break even, let alone start making a profit - if you ever do.

However, there is a big shortcut that some individuals are taking, and I would be remiss if I did not inform you about it.

We could argue about the ethics of this, but we won't. That is all up to you. The truth is that this type of stuff happens all the time in every industry, so it is nothing new.

What is new is that the average Joe or Jane marketer does not consider doing so.

And, if you haven't figured by now, I'm talking about copying another marketer's strategy. That is, imitating another person's sales strategies and processes.

You'd be shocked how many individuals already do this in some way.

I've even seen marketers take pride when their own funnels have been modeled.

And no, it's not copying. At least, not if done properly.

The goal is not to duplicate the wording or even utilize the same products.

It is rather to model in terms of design, options given, layout, pricing, quantity of upsells and downsells, and so on.

Your headlines may be the same color, size, and font as your body copy. However, it is YOUR headline. Your video may be in the same spot on the page as others, but it is YOUR video.

You're selling your own merchandise, not theirs.

Your sales copy will be unique. Your bullet points will be unique. Your primary perks and so on will differ.

However, the arrangement of sales pages, colors, typefaces, and so on are not copyrighted.

Is a green ‘buy now' button more effective than a red one?

Does a centered black headline in Verdana asking a provocative question outperform a red headline on the right in Tacoma making a bold statement?

Is it better to have the opt in box above the fold than a long list of bullets and the opt in box beneath the fold?

When developing a new sales funnel, there are 1001 options to be made. However, replicating a funnel that has already been demonstrated to work might make the process a lot easier. And it is also faster.

Big-budget marketers can spend tens of thousands of dollars on traffic to see what works best. However, by mimicking (rather than replicating) their funnels, you can gain a head start on what's working.

How can you know which funnels are most effective in your niche? If you work in the internet marketing industry, you can look at their numbers on JVZoo, Warrior Plus, and Clickbank.

In other categories, Clickbank can be a reliable predictor, as can paying attention to those products you see advertised repeatedly via paid ads. They would not be spending to promote these things if they were not making sales.

Last but not least, this does not preclude you from testing. Because this is your own funnel with your own copy and products, testing will provide you with a wealth of information on how to maximize your conversions. However, by using a proven funnel as the cornerstone of your system, you may take a big shortcut that will get you in profit much sooner.