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One minor change boosts income by $12,000 per year.

Actually, it has gone far beyond that initial figure, but it all started with $12,000 per year.

This is time-consuming and may take you an hour or two, but $1,000 per month isn't a bad deal. To make this work, you must already have an established business with at least one product and many download pages.

If you have a core product, such as a high-end course or coaching, you are most likely a good fit for this.

On all of your download pages, include a link to your main product. EVERY ONE OF THEM.

Depending on how much traffic you get to your download pages, this should bring in a few hundred dollars or more every month.

And it only gets better... You'll also include a screenshot of the sales page above the text link you put on each download page. This will enhance your sales even more, but don't stop there.

Add a button that directs purchasers to the sales page of your main product, but do not make it the same color as the download button. If everything is the same hue, your clients will become confused, and your sales will suffer. This has been tried, and you are welcome to test it further.

There are numerous alternative ways to include this offer on all of your download pages, however research has shown that the above strategy converts the best.

Remember, it's a text link, a screenshot of the sales page, and a button that's a different color from the page's primary download button.

Try it out for yourself and see what happens.