Changes and upgrades in version 8.45

Changes and upgrades in version 8.45

  • fixed issue with admin login when user has a switching ip from v4 to v6 or if they are behing a proxy.
  • fixed issue with support ticket creation (notification email)
  • updated ticket settings feature that was trigerring new modsecurity rules (false positive)
  • fixed issue with duplicate posts appearing on main CMS page.

blog transfer

As part of a feature that I will be releasing soon, which will allow visitors to share the blog content and earn money at the same time, I will be using as the new home for the blog instead of  .  So that's why the blog starts with the year 2021 .  The older posts will remain at for the time being.  Maybe later I will create a feature that will allow me to transfer the content from one blog to ... read more