Version 8.49 released

Changes and upgrades in version 8.49

  • fixed issue with quotes in post title when editing page.
  • fixed issue with image alt for blog post page.
  • fixed issue with archives page showing duplicate posts.
  • updated CMS seo settings to include index and follow option on all pages/categories.
  • implemented feature to allow removal of Archive period that does not contain any content.

Version 8.48 released

Changes and upgrades in version 8.48

  • updated fontawesome css to version 6
  • implemented author name field for CMS
  • implemented display of comment count on CMS summary and post pages.
  • implemented two additional navigation menus for CMS
  • implemented template for CMS & store category path link
  • implemented feature to display most popular and most recent posts for CMS
  • implemented feature to close comments posting on any CMS page.
  • improved CMS menu generation function so that the user can have total control on the appearance of the categories navigation menu.
  • implemented feature to disable post formatting so that the user can have total control over the appearance of particular pages that ... read more

Version 8.47 released

Changes and upgrades in version 8.47

  • updated comment feature for CMS
  • added feature so that you can enable/disable the honeypot function for each store - Store > Main Settings > Misc Settings > Activate Honeypot
  • updated lazysizes javascript to the latest version
  • implemented feature to allow setting the main store page to either a specific product category or a specific product page or a specific custom page or just list all products as a normal store.
  • fixed issue when uploading .svg images to media library
  • fixed warning error with ticket viewing when there's no response to ticket.
  • implemented feature to allow the user to export leads in ... read more

Changes and upgrades in version 8.45

Changes and upgrades in version 8.45

  • fixed issue with admin login when user has a switching ip from v4 to v6 or if they are behing a proxy.
  • fixed issue with support ticket creation (notification email)
  • updated ticket settings feature that was trigerring new modsecurity rules (false positive)
  • fixed issue with duplicate posts appearing on main CMS page.

blog transfer

As part of a feature that I will be releasing soon, which will allow visitors to share the blog content and earn money at the same time, I will be using as the new home for the blog instead of  .  So that's why the blog starts with the year 2021 .  The older posts will remain at for the time being.  Maybe later I will create a feature that will allow me to transfer the content from one blog to ... read more