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The Secret to Getting Heavy Hitter Affiliates to Promote Your Products

Assume you have a new product that is doing exceptionally well. It's converting at 10% or higher, the earnings per click are skyrocketing, and the upsells are doing admirably.

You're now in a position to call MAJOR joint venture partners and affiliates and get them to promote your product, right?

After all, these heavy hitters want to promote products that will make them money, and you've already demonstrated that your product can do just that.

Furthermore, even just one of these joint ventures has the potential to put a lot of money in your pocket.

Of course, the next step is to send out JV emails in which you announce your conversion rate, earnings per click, and so on.

You inform these potential affiliates that you have outstanding swipe emails, banners, a unique product, and endorsements from your present affiliates.

You have it all, and you're giving these big-time affiliates the opportunity to make a LOT of money.

Obviously, they will break down your door and promote your goods till the cows come home, right?

Actually, no.

Despite having all of the necessary factors in place, as well as a track record of making money for these affiliates, very few of them will react to your email.

What exactly are you supposed to do to attract their attention? Knock on their door dressed as a clown, carrying a live chicken, and doing the Charleston on skates while balancing 22 spinning plates on your nose.

That might work, now that I think about it. But there is a simpler way...

Let's start with what happens when your email appears in the inbox of a potential affiliate:

Your email has been delivered.

And the affiliate is aware of it.


Affiliates, like everyone else, are slackers.

Sure, people can see that they will profit from your promotion. They may even intend to promote it.

But they never seem to get around to it.

For a moment, put yourself in their shoes and assume you have a vast, responsive list. You can earn $500, $2,000, or even $5,000 for each product you promote to your list.

This is your normal state of affairs, yet strangely, you no longer get excited about it.

Every day, you notice sales arriving into your accounts from items such as continuity, coaching, affiliate promotions, your own products, and so on.

Without you raising a finger, the money is flowing like a river during the spring thaw.

Reading a review copy, cuing up a swipe, personalizing it with the affiliate link and personal touches, logging into Aweber, pasting and formatting the entire thing, and then sending it out just sounds like too much labor.

You're well aware that you should do it. And you believe you can pull it off. Later.

But, of course, later never comes since you are preoccupied with other matters.

It may seem unusual if you aren't already generating $1000 or more each day from your own list, but this is how many of the big affiliates operate.

They've grown large and fat, and yeah, they've become a touch lazy.

Not to mention the fact that they receive four or five of these requests every day.




It's difficult to feel sorry for someone who earns $30,000 per month from their list, yet marketing sluggishness does occur with some marketers.

Fortunately, there is a way to significantly improve your chances of having your products promoted.

This is what you do:

Recognize that the affiliate isn't interested in your product; she's interested in the return on the emails she sends. If there was enough profit in it, some marketers might sell a course on how to blow up the world. (Alright, that was harsh. But it's true.)

Your product is just one of many she'll hear about this week. Blending in with the crowd will ruin your chances of getting promoted, so do something new - present the affiliate with a solution to her problem.

What exactly is her issue?

She must determine what email to send that day and then do all of the necessary tasks to make it happen. But now you're going to do as much as you can for her.

Do not ask for the promotion when you contact her via email, instant messaging, Skype, or any other means. Instead, remind her that you have a ready-to-go campaign for her mailing schedule the next week if she hasn't already filled it.

Hopefully, you're on her mailing list and are familiar with her email format. Provide a custom-made swipe email written in her voice and geared to her audience. Include her affiliate link as well.

Give her a review copy as well as all of the data in an easy-to-read format: earnings per click, conversion rate, commissions, and so on.

Tell her who else has also promoted your product.

Doing these things will set your email apart from the crowd and ensure that it is read.

The idea is to remove the inertia for her and let her realize she has almost no work to do to profit from promoting your offer. By doing so, you set yourself apart from the other product promoters who have contacted her. You inform her that your promotion will make her money, that it is ready to go, and that it can fit into her calendar the following week.

And you get the promotion, sales, new business relationships, and, yes, profit.