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17 Proven Ways to Grow Your Email List

If you have an email list, you are already aware that you must constantly attract new subscribers in order to keep your list profitable. While some customers will continue to buy from you indefinitely, others will buy today but not tomorrow. They may also change email addresses or simply lose interest.

The good news is that there are simple strategies for growing your email list that you probably haven't considered. I searched high and low on the internet to see what email professionals had to say about establishing an email list faster, and I was astounded to discover that there were numerous things I should have been doing all along. I've now put those strategies into action, and my list is expanding by the day.

I'm also including a few things I'm already doing in case you haven't considered them yet.

1: Encouraging subscribers to forward my emails to others.

Yes, I remember doing this years ago and entirely forgetting about it.

I'm now adding a "Email to a Friend" button to each email. Then I include a call to action and a subscribe button at the bottom. "If you received this email from a friend, click here to get your own free subscription."

2: Using an opt-in campaign to resurrect an old email list.

I have a number of older lists to which I rarely send emails since the response is simply not good.

So here's what I'm doing: I've written a series of amusing emails to send out, each one promising a fantastic gift if they re-opt in. And I also remind them that if they don't, they will be removed when this little campaign is over.

So far, it is working. I'm having people raise their hands again to say they're still interested in the niche. And, once the campaign is over, my overall deliverability will improve.

3: Including Easter Eggs

This one is fantastic. Inform them at the beginning of the email that there is an Easter Egg buried in the message. For example, it may be a hyper-linked word that leads to a surprise, or it could be that the first word of each line spells out a unique URL. The options are limitless.

If you do this on a regular basis, people will open your email solely to locate the eggs, and they'll end up reading the rest of it as well.

4: Designing New Lead Magnets

For some of your major blog entries, you may wish to save part of the content and offer it as a lead magnet. "Hey, do you want to know how I eventually persuaded the affiliate to spend $10,000 on advertisements for my product?" This is too hot to post publicly, but I can provide you with private access if you tell me where to send it."

5: Developing Free Online Tools

Any technology that is extremely entertaining or makes your reader's life easier can be used to gain additional subscribers. Instead of charging them, provide them with complete access via email.

6: Creating One-of-a-Kind Email Content

People will look forward to receiving and reading your emails if they are entertaining and informative.

Every email should deliver some kind of value. It also does not necessarily have to be information. It is sufficient if you can simply make your subscribers grin or chuckle.

7: Email List Segmentation

The more tailored an email is to the recipient's interests, the more probable it is that they will open and read it.

You can segment your list based on the recipients' demographics or hobbies.

For example, if you sell weight reduction items to a diverse group of people, you may wish to divide your lists based on age and gender.

You can segment your existing subscribers by giving them a simple survey followed by a freebie or offer based on the results.

If you sell to people who want to make money online, you may segment your lists by people who want to drive traffic, make videos, use social media marketing, and so on.

You can segment your current subscribers by providing them with something specific, such as a free cheat sheet for generating more YouTube views or a new strategy of driving traffic. Alternatively, send them a survey and ask them what topics they are interested in. Make sure to thank them for participating in the survey.

8: Contests

I haven't done this in a long time, but I can assure you that it works.

Organize a free contest that requires contact information in order to enter. The goal is to offer away something that only your target audience would be interested in. For example, if you're in the investing area, you can use Amazon to give away the trendiest investing books.

Use Twitter, Pinterest, or whatever social media sites work best for you to promote your contest.

9: Including a Call-to-Action Button at the Top of Your Facebook Business Page

This one is quite simple – just do it once and you're done. Simply add a Call to Action button to your Facebook page, and visitors will be directed to your sign-up landing page. Offer them some special for optin in.

10: Distributing Newsletter Previews on Social Media

Create blogs that feature either excerpts from your email newsletter or multiple compelling bullet points on what readers are learning.

People despise missing out. When they see that others are receiving all of this valuable information for free while they are not, they will be compelled to join, no lead magnet required.

11: Integrate Gated Content into Facebook

Promote content that requires special access in Facebook postings by giving their email address.

Alternatively, if you already have a strong social media presence, let people know that subscribers get early access to all products.

12: Include Intros and Outros in Your YouTube Videos

YouTube allows video makers to add end screens, also known as video outros, to the end of each video.

Encourage your viewers to go to your landing page and join up by clicking the link in the outro. This works especially well if the video is entry-level information and the lead magnet is advanced stuff you're offering in exchange for their email address.

13: Request User Feedback on Your Website

People enjoy being made to feel significant. You make them feel wonderful when you ask for their ideas or what else they would like to see on your website. Ask them questions and get their email address so you can contact them later.

14: Make Your Lead Capture Forms Shorter

The less information you request, the more probable someone will join up.

For example, if you merely request their email address, they are more likely to sign up than if you also request their name. When you want their mailing address and phone number, people are less likely to join up than when you only request their name and email address.

15: Write Guest Posts for Other Websites

Have a killer offer at the end of your content while guest blogging on other websites. Find out if you can also include this offer in the text near the beginning of the post.

16: Include Newsletter Subscriber Feedback on Your Sign-Up Landing Pages

It's one thing to say your newsletter is fantastic; it's quite another when subscribers rave about it to the rest of the world. Allow your satisfied customers to speak for you.

17: Collaborate with Someone in Your Niche

It is not necessary for this to be a direct competitor. Find people in your niche who are not in competition with you. Get them to send out emails promoting your newsletter in exchange for you doing the same.

Pick one or two of these and get started right now. If you execute one per week, you should notice a significant rise in the size and activity of your email list within a few months.