Setting Goals Isn't Working? Try this instead.

In theory, goal setting is fantastic.

Write down your goals, maybe even every day, and keep them with you...

And nothing has changed in a year.

Let's be honest...

Most of the time, having goals is insufficient to get things done.

Even when BIG goals are broken down into little steps and then steadily worked towards, it still does not work for many people.

If you are one of those people who can consistently meet the goals you set for yourself, congratulations - you can stop reading right now.

But if you've set goals – and then more goals – and you STILL don't have what you ... read more

Case Study: $15,000 Cash for Uncreated Content

Okay, this case study is a little unusual because I'm essentially combining two case studies into one.

That is, I will take the finest parts of each of the two case studies, discard the parts that didn't work out, and teach you how to maximize your own revenue with your own PLR site.

I don't mean a site built with PLR content - I mean a site that charges web marketers a monthly membership fee to access and use the PLR resources you provide.

In our first case study, Mark hired someone to develop monthly internet marketing PLR packages. Then he sold exactly ... read more

Why No One Will Joint Venture with You


You have a fantastic product. In fact, no other product like yours has ever existed in the history of the world.

Your product will sell like GANGBUSTERS because, well, you already know it will.

Because it has to.

Because you've just spent the previous 6 months and several thousand dollars developing the product, but dammit, it'll all be worth it once these stupid, snooty, too-good-to-talk-to-you big shot marketers get off their high horses and promote it for you.


Okay, maybe that isn't how you perceive it.

But you believe you have a terrific product that will sell well, and you realize you're doing these other ... read more

The #1 Way to Cure Email Delete-itus and Get Your Emails READ

Your prospect opens your email...

Reads the first couple of phrases...

IN FRUSTRATION, he then DELETES your email.


Because your initial few sentences did not correspond to the subject line, which confused and frustrated them.

The email seemed pointless...

Maybe, the subject line could have been clickbait.

It's like walking into a chocolate shop and discovering lawn mowers.


“Where has the chocolate gone?”

“This can't possibly be the right place... Let's get out of here!”

I had just opened an email that claimed... "How to Get Budget Approval for Copywriting School."

Yes, this was written by someone who TEACHES COPYWRITING, not simply a copywriter.

And yet, the ... read more