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5 Steps to Creating Sales-Generating Content

How would you like every piece of content you publish to act as a sales agent for you? Imagine if every article, post, or video you made resulted in additional followers and sales... How cool would that be?

Here are five tips for creating content that people want to read, use, and buy from.

1: Write numbered headlines that entice people to read your content.

The first step in creating successful content is ensuring that it is read by your target audience. This means you'll need a title that catches people's attention and makes them want to read it straight away.

The use of a number in your headline is one of two almost certain strategies to encourage people to stop scrolling and start reading. I've discovered that the most successful numbers are 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10. Odd numbers perform better than even ones, and anything beyond 10 indicates that your article or video may take too long to consume.

“The #1 Way to Get Rich”

“The 3 Ways to Attract Women”

“5 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Your Next Car”

“The Top 10 Cringeworthy Match.com Dating Profiles”

2: Use your headline to pose a question to your reader.

Ask a question in addition to or instead of putting a number in your headline. Questions get the reader to engage with your topic while avoiding skepticism.

“How Come Your Neighbor Secretly Earns 10 Times Your Salary?”

“Are you aware of the top 3 methods used by internet millionaires to drive targeted traffic?”

“Do You Make This Embarrassing Bed Mistake?”

Even if you put a question mark at the end of a non-question headline, it will still (nearly usually) work.

“The #1 Way to Get Rich?”

Alternatively, you might alter it somewhat as follows...

“Is This the #1 Way to Get Rich?”

Both methods are effective.

3: Incorporate Power Words and Phrases into Your Headlines

Online, you can find lists of headline power words. I frequently use these lists to help me come up with headline ideas, and I usually strive to include at least one of these words in my headlines.

Here are some of my current go-to headline power words and phrases:

 advanced tips 






 best rules


 can we guess













 how to



















 things learned


 this is how

 this is what

 this is why




 universal laws



 what, which, why and when

 will make you


 X reasons why

 X things you


 you and your

4: Provide Immediately Actionable Information

Now that you've produced a terrific headline that will get people to read your post, the following step is to provide at least one immediately useful piece of information within your text.

This should be something useful that can make a meaningful impact in the reader's life. It should also be immediately actionable, which means they can either do it or start working on it right away.

Bonus: Because they can put it to immediate use to simplify or improve their lives in some way, they are more likely to use it, benefit from it, and return to you for more.

Even if they don't use it right away, just knowing that they can will leave them wanting more.

5: Create enticing calls to action that compel your customers to buy.

Make a decision on what you want your reader to do... Would you like them to receive your emails? Have them visit your blog? Or, do you want them to go to your sales page?

Here's how you can make it happen:

First, ensure that your content leads directly into your call to action. The call to action should be evident as the next step in the material.

“I'm going to show you 5 different techniques to boost traffic. Here's #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5. This is only the beginning because I actually teach 25 methods, not just five. I welcome you to go here to learn more about our traffic driving membership to acquire the other 20 as well as the step-by-step methods I use on the 5 above.”

Second, notice in the above example that you are not hammering them with, "BUY NOW LIMITED COPIES EXPIRES AT MIDNIGHT." People cringe and flee when they hear that kind of talk. Instead, by extending an invitation to them, you are making them feel appreciated and accepted, not to mention that you are not burning bridges. They will still seek you out in the future since they know you don't scream BUY BUY BUY at them.

Finally, everything of your content should be branded with your name and major credential. For instance, "Brought to you by Joe Smith, best-selling author of "Unstoppable Marketing" and host of the Unstoppable Marketing Podcast."

This ties you to the fantastic content you just presented while also reminding them that the amazing outcomes they obtain from adopting what you teach can be amplified when they buy your products and continue to consume your content.

To recap:

Captivate your audience with attention-grabbing headlines.

Provide them with content that they can use right now.

Customize the call to action to flow with the content while also extending an invitation and branding yourself.

These strategies may feel strange at first, but I guarantee that if you make them your go-to content creation habit, two things will happen:

It will be easier for you to develop material and...

Your content will perform a significantly better job of generating revenue for you.