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7 Copywriting Tips to 5x Your Conversion Rates

You can send more people to your offers, send better qualified people to your offers, or convert more of the people you send to earn more first purchases.

Today, we'll discuss how to convert more of your traffic into purchases by employing simple copywriting methods and tricks that vastly boost your copy's capacity to generate revenue for you.

1: Conduct additional research. Conversion rates will increase if you know how to hit your prospects' hot buttons. And, in order to know what you're talking about, you must do your research.

What other products are available on the market? How is yours superior? What do your prospects care about the most? How can you adapt your advantages to their preferences? What did the reviews have to say?

Sometimes the right headline will be discovered deep within your research, such as a comment made by someone who tried the product and had fantastic results.

2: Talk to your target market. Who are you trying to reach with your product? These are the folks you should speak with. Find out whether you don't properly understand the relationship between your product and your clients, as well as how it improves their lives. Inquire about their experiences and pay close attention for emotions and key phrases that express how they felt about the situation as well as how the product has changed things for them.

Are you just starting off and don't yet have any customers? You can still ask about their problem and how they will feel after they find a solution.

Even going to Amazon and reading the reviews for products identical to yours can be really beneficial. Look for stories that people can connect to, where someone talks about how difficult it was to have the problem, how frustrating it was that the product didn't fix it, or how their life has changed since it did.

3: Put headlines to the test. Always have many headlines to test, because the one you think will be the winner will most likely be the loser. Even the most seasoned copywriters can't always predict which headline will strike the ball out of the park.

Try not to get too hooked to a headline before testing. Give each one a fair test and let the statistics speak for themselves. I've seen marketers fall in love with a headline and lose a lot of sales because they didn't test others quickly enough.

4: Make use of mini-headlines. Those small headlines that break up copy also work like Australian Cattle dogs to herd sheep. When your reader begins to stray, your mini-headline will draw them back into the fold by creating interest, providing rewards, or simply raising so much curiosity that they MUST read what follows.

Consider someone scanning your sales text and only reading the mini-headlines. Do they have the ability to tell a story on their own? Do they pique people's interest while simultaneously conveying benefits? Would reading the mini-headlines entice you to read the material and possibly buy the product? If not, you should work on those.

5: Make extensive use of bullet points. I've encountered a lot of marketers that appear to believe that you should only have one section of bullet points. However, I've seen that some of the most effective sales letters have two, three, four, or even five independent sections of bullet points.

Bullets make it easier to read. In reality, some of your prospects will scan the headline, bullet points, and possibly the promise before deciding whether or not to proceed.

To make a bullet point, write a mini-title first, followed by a statement that supports the headline and adds a benefit.

As an example:

The Most Effective Stealth Persuasion Technique (This is the identical covert strategy utilized by the US government to convert die-hard Russian spies into secret double agents – use this method to always get what you want.)

6: Insert sidebars and boxes. Sidebars and boxes that emphasize benefits, present testimonials, and quote experts should be used to break up your copy. This makes the letter look more fascinating, and keeps the reader reading.

7: Hire a skilled graphic designer. Ideally, your designer has prior experience formatting sales material in your niche. Examine their previous work to see whether their style fits what you're looking for. Make a list of your own thoughts and suggestions, and then listen to your designer's ideas as well.

Keep in mind that decent copy with terrific design can sometimes outperform great copy with poor design. The appearance of your page is equally as important as what it says. If you don't believe me, consider the last time you landed at a sales page and clicked away based on what you saw rather than what you read. First impressions are established so quickly that the reader has often formed an opinion before reading your headline.