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In just ten minutes, you can add $500 to any promotion.

The $500 value was chosen at random. You might earn an extra $100 to $2000 or even more depending on the scale of the promotion.

The following is how it works:

Consider including a one-time deal for your own personal email assistance for an additional cost whenever you advertise a product, whether it's your own or an affiliate one.

For example, you're offering a $47 product that teaches customers how to train their horses. You provide your own personal email support for a set period of time to answer any queries customers have about putting the information in the product into practice.

When it comes to learning something new, the most difficult part for many people is putting it into practice. Having someone to lean on for advice can be extremely beneficial from both a psychological and practical standpoint.

What you should know:

1: You won't be inundated with questions because only 10–15 percent of those who pay for your help option will really use it. People intend to use the products they purchase, but as you are aware, life gets in the way and things get put on the back burner.

2: You'll be compensated for something you're probably already doing, particularly with your own items. If people have already been emailing you with queries about how to put what you've taught into practice, the only difference now is that they'll be paying you for your responses.

3: Many of the questions will be the same. This is beneficial to you in two ways: first, you will learn what is missing from the product. For example, if you forgot to include how people will take payments in the system you teach, you’ll know to add it to your course. If it's an affiliate product, you'll spot the flaws and have the option of adding a bonus to fill in the gaps, or perhaps creating your own, more comprehensive course.

Second, the fact that people frequently ask the same questions is advantageous because you can write responses once and then copy and paste them each time the question is asked. You could also build a FAQ to send out or even a FAQ page to direct folks to. This will significantly reduce the quantity of questions you receive.

4: This has no bearing on the cost of your personal coaching. Think of answering questions about a particular product as being an FAQ, not a coach. Because you don't know the situation of the person asking the question, your responses will be shorter and more straightforward. You're delivering quick replies rather than in-depth, personalized, step-by-step guidance. They'll have to upgrade to your far more expensive coaching program for that.

5: You'll establish a time limit, as well as an email limit, if desired. For a specific period of time, such as 30, 45, or 60 days, you'll answer their questions. You aren't going to provide them with email support for the rest of their lives. Questions sent through email will only be answered if they are directly linked to the product. You can even limit the amount of emails they send you to one per day if you like. This last one may seem needless, and it generally is, but someone once decided to write to me four or five times every day. Since then, I've limited my offerings to one email every day. Limit the number of questions per email to one or two.

6: If you're selling an affiliate product, you'll need to know what it's about and how to put what it teaches into practice.

7: You don't have to be an expert to succeed. Because the questions are sent by email, you can take your time to research anything you don't already know. If the answer isn't in the product, turn to Google for help. If the question is beyond the scope of the product, suggest a different option to meet their needs. For instance, if they ask how to obtain traffic but the product doesn't cover it, recommend your own traffic course or one that you're marketing. Tell them if you're sending them an affiliate link.

Plus, you'll develop a relationship with the folks who send you questions. You'll also exhibit your ability and willingness to assist them. When you follow up with these people and offer them your coaching program, you'll find that some of them are not just interested, but also ready to join your pricey program and obtain even more assistance.

I've probably made it sound more difficult than it is. Recognize that the majority of individuals who purchase the upgrade will never use it, and those who do will email you two to five times with questions.

It's actually a really simple way to make some extra cash while you're promoting something, and it's also a great stepping stone to your high-level coaching.