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Mini Case Study: Inexperienced Marketer Creates Online Courses and Earns $5,000 Per Month

That $5,000 per month, by the way, and only took him roughly 7 months to attain.

We'll refer to our person as Mark (not his real name), and here's what he did.

Mark was desperate to get out of his job. To cut a long story short, he despised his work, despised his boss, despised the commute... You get the picture.

Mark chooses to pursue online marketing one day, but he has no idea what to do or how to get started.

Mark enrolls in an online course through a site like Udemy to cover a knowledge gap. Instead of studying online marketing, Mark realizes the instructor is no wiser than he is.

That's when Mark decides to follow in the footsteps of the instructor rather than start his own online business.

Mark spends a couple of days on every course site he can find, researching what's selling well and why.

He creates a list of 22 topics that he believes he can teach and that he believes will sell well.

He selects his first topic, conducts in-depth study on it for 10 days, and then creates his first course.

Then he goes through the process again.

He's built 18 courses in six months and his monthly income is approaching $5,000. That was a long time ago, and his income is now considerably larger.

Here are a few things you should know about Mark:

Prior to this, he had never taught or spoken in front of a camera.

He's an introverted, shy type of person.

Before doing his investigation, he didn't know anything about any of his topics.

As you can see, Mark had no prior experience with this. In truth, he was camera shy and didn't have a lot of self-confidence. But look at what he accomplished.

What else should you know about Mark:

When he's talking about something he's enthusiastic about, he can get a little too excited. That's why he chose topics that piqued his interest, and his enthusiasm shines through in the courses.

He's a fantastic researcher who takes meticulous notes. He learnt everything he could in the time he had available, created a precise outline, and then began recording. He didn't wait until he "felt ready," because if he had, he would never have recorded a single course.

He was afraid of doing it, but even more so of staying in his job. As a result, he is motivated to leave his comfort zone.

Initially, he did not sell these classes. Remember, he had no experience with marketing. But he did conduct research on his topics to see what people wanted to learn. Then he came up with fantastic course titles that enticed people to enroll in his classes. And, at first, he charged a pittance for the courses in order to attract his first students.

That's pretty much all there is to it. It may appear too simple, but sometimes it's simply a matter of putting in the effort and doing something before you feel ready.

The bottom line is simple: if Mark can accomplish it, so can you.

One other thing... Mark quit his job after four months of generating courses and never looked back.