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Newsletter Curation generates $3,500 per month.

Have I ever told you how much I love recurring income?

Here's a quick case study of a guy who publishes not one, but FOUR separate newsletters twice a month.

These are really simple newsletters that contain all of the most recent information he's collected on the internet regarding the topics.

How does he keep up with all the newest news, articles, blog entries, stories, video clips, images, and so on?

Google alerts.

Yes, it is that simple.

He sets up a dozen or so Google alerts for terms and phrases relevant to each niche, and Google provides him with free content.

In some circumstances, he requests permission to reprint a blog post or an article. For other things he simply rewrites it into his own words. And even more often he’ll provide an intro and then a link to the video, article or whatever.

Seriously, this does not require a lot of effort or thought. His strong suit is that he chooses topics that he's interested in, therefore he is never bored.

That makes perfect sense. Millions of websites, films, essays, magazines, and other media outlets have already covered the major issues.

It's the small sub-niche specialized issues where people desire more information but don't want or know how to find it on their own.

I'll give you an example: cats and dogs are all over the place. Nobody needs to sign up for a newsletter to read articles on cats and dogs.

But sloths... There is a much smaller niche that isn't nearly as well covered as more popular pets. What about iguanas? sugar babies? Or tarantulas?

If you insist on picking a broad niche, subdivide it. Instead of cats, concentrate on the treatment of cats suffering from a specific condition (diabetes, kidney disease, etc.) or a specific breed of cat.

How much should a curated newsletter cost? In most categories, $10 or less is sufficient. This makes it extremely simple for people to sign up, and there is absolutely no motivation for them to cancel the membership.

Allow your readers to send you stories and photos for your newsletter. Include a classified ad section as well. People believe that creating a newsletter is difficult, but the truth is that you don't even need to have an original thought to do it. All you have to do is assemble the newsletter, export it to PDF, and send it out to your subscribers using curated information from the internet and submissions from your readers. You don't even need a membership website to accomplish this.

Don't want to send out a newsletter? Instead, create a podcast or video subscription.

Deals with bloggers and list owners in your niche can help you gain more subscribers. Because these are smaller niches, it is significantly easier to get people to mail for you for a little cost, or even for free if they genuinely enjoy your newsletter.

This is a model that will never die, requires little effort, and even generates a list for you. Above and beyond the email, you can promote things to your list. In many sectors, the money you get from marketing products will more than quadruple your subscription income, so why not?

By the way, that $3,500 a month figure comes from JUST ONE of his newsletters. Remember, he has four of them.

Make a list of topics that interest you, no matter how strange or odd they are. Choose one with a sizable engaged audience that you can reach. Make a sample newsletter, reach out to people in your niche, and obtain your first subscribers.

Doesn't this sound nearly too simple? Then again, many of the best ideas are the simple ones.