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Side Business Case Study: 5 Figures per month

I've seen three different marketers perform a variation of this business, all with the same result – they earn at least $5000 each month, and generally twice that.

Two of them are completely unknown marketers who work on this in their spare time.

The third marketer is a reasonably well-known figure, and you've probably heard of him. He doesn't do any of this on his own. He just outsources the entire process and earns more than $10,000 a month as a result.

They are all involved in the web marketing industry. Essentially, they assist new marketers in quickly establishing a profitable business of their own by constructing it for them.

You've probably seen these 'business in a box' packages where you can buy a product, a sales page, and so on. You personalize them, publish them to your website, and begin promoting them.

There's nothing wrong with them, and if you have your own list, you may frequently make significant money with them.

However, these marketers have gone a step further by creating a one-of-a-kind business in a box for each client. These are truly unique and even come with a list.

This is how it works:

They begin by developing a unique funnel, complete with a squeeze page, high-value free gift, and one-of-a-kind upsell offering. Because plugins have a higher perceived value than reports, they are typically used as the free offering. Plugins with giveaway rights can be found all over the internet. Purchasing the rights normally costs around $37-47, after which you are free to give it away as much as you want.

You can generally hire a coder to rebrand, tweak, and/or rename the plugin for $100 or less. This is optional, but it distinguishes your bundle from the competition.

The upsell product is created from high-quality PLR that has been updated and rebranded with a new name, graphics, and so on. It is critical to use high-quality PLR in this case – don't skimp on this.

If you redo the content yourself, the cost will be around $150, and it will cost twice as much if you hire someone to do it for you. Because you're going to charge roughly $47 for the upsell, you want the product to look and feel like it's worth at least that much, if not more. In other words, make sure it doesn't appear to be PLR.

After you've set up the squeeze page and upsell on a domain, it's time to spend roughly $250 on 1,000 solo ad clicks. Send them to your opt-in page.

Your objective here is threefold:

Begin making a list.

Make sure that the squeeze page and upsell are effective.

Earn some money from the upsell.

You should acquire around 300 new subscribers from 1,000 solo ad clicks. Maybe ten of them will buy the upsell, netting you $470. That covers a portion of your expenses right there.

Once you've completed this, it's time to cash in. You're going to flip the entire funnel to a single buyer. You can use Flippa, Warrior Forum, or any of the other site flipping websites that are available.

You're offering a tried-and-tested funnel with a list, a proven squeeze page, and a proven upsell page, complete with the lead magnet and the product.

This is VALUABLE since it has been demonstrated and is one-of-a-kind. Bonus points if you've come up with a catchy name for your URL, lead magnet, and upsell.

Once you've mastered how to do these things (which aren't tough), you'll be able to build three of them in a month on your own while still having plenty of time to do other things.

You may also flip these packages for $2500 to $7500 each. Not bad for a part-time venture!