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The Simple Keyword Hack That Generates Massive Traffic

You may believe that ranking for new keywords is the greatest method to get organic traffic. But if you're already ranking for a keyword – any term – I have a simple approach for you that could bring in a lot of additional visitors. And, best of all, it's a piece of cake.

You'll look at the phrases you already rank for, then look for long tail variations of those keywords and rank for those as well.

For example, if you rank for "Best hotel rate," you may easily rank for "Best hotel rate Miami," "Best hotel rate Chicago," "Best hotel rate London," and so on.

Alternatively, if you are now ranking for "organic gardening," you can also rank for "organic tomato gardening," "organic flower gardening," "organic vegetable gardening," and other terms.

Here's how to go about it:

Enter your domain name into Ubersuggest.

You'll notice a section named Top Pages.

These are the sites that are driving your traffic and the keywords that are driving your rankings.

Now, navigate to Google Search Console and sign in.

Again, this will show you the terms for which you are currently ranking.

Do you understand? Good.

Return to your Ubersuggest window and enter the precise phrases for which you rank. Ubersuggest will now include the keyword suggestions report, which includes long tail variations of keywords for which you already rank.

You already rank for the initial keyword you typed in, and now you have a slew of other related long tail terms that might generate a lot of traffic for you.

Each of these long tail keywords will most likely receive a fraction of the traffic generated by each of your core keywords. When you sum it all up, it's a potentially massive amount of additional traffic that you can now tap into. It could even be more visitors than you're now receiving, effectively doubling or bettering your organic search traffic.

Now, take your new long tail keywords and navigate to the page that ranks for the original keyword. Make changes to your material to include the new terms. This will most likely necessitate rewriting your material, but it will be worthwhile.

Your content should become a thorough dive into the topic, automatically incorporating all of the terms you wish to rank for.

Returning to the organic gardening article... You'll now have a section dedicated to organic tomato gardening, organic vegetable gardening, organic flower gardening, and so on.

People won't need to read anything further about organic gardening because you've covered everything.

After you do this, you'll notice that the website ranks higher in Google for all of these long tail versions. Allow about a month to notice results.

Remember that after you've ranked for the core word, it's simple to rank for these long tail alternatives as well.

Use this simple technique to see your traffic more than double.