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This Email Line Increases Your Monthly Income by $500-1000

This is absolutely old school, but most marketers never do it.

In fact, it can add several hundred dollars or more to your monthly income.

And it only takes a line or two of text in your emails to accomplish this.

What exactly is it?

The signature line.

In every email you send to your list, include a simple signature line with a link to an offer as a footer.

This may apply to one of your main products, such as your coaching program or a high-end course.

Yes, that almost sounds too simple, doesn't it?

For a few of reasons, you're unlikely to obtain a lot of clicks on this link: They've already clicked on the primary link, which is located higher up in the email.

Or your list becomes "ad blind" because they keep viewing the same paragraph over and over.

That is why you should promote a flagship product with a somewhat high price tag. For example, if you have a $500 coaching package and only get one sale from your signature line that month, you still make $500 profit. It's even better if it's billed on a monthly basis.