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Version 8.47 released

Changes and upgrades in version 8.47

  • updated comment feature for CMS
  • added feature so that you can enable/disable the honeypot function for each store - Store > Main Settings > Misc Settings > Activate Honeypot
  • updated lazysizes javascript to the latest version
  • implemented feature to allow setting the main store page to either a specific product category or a specific product page or a specific custom page or just list all products as a normal store.
  • fixed issue when uploading .svg images to media library
  • fixed warning error with ticket viewing when there's no response to ticket.
  • implemented feature to allow the user to export leads in the same format they have set in the import settings.
  • updated broadcast feature where tracking urls are automatically generated and saved even if that option is turned off.
  • fixed a bug which caused an error when switching to another store from the store drop down list.
  • updated support desk module to put url of support desk for the user to easily copy and send visitors to.
  • seperated product page settings from the main store misc. settings to it's own tab.
  • removed bolding effect of text in ui tabs when it becomes active.  this fixes an ugly appearance when the tab text is a bit longer when set in bold.