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Version 8.48 released

Changes and upgrades in version 8.48

  • updated fontawesome css to version 6
  • implemented author name field for CMS
  • implemented display of comment count on CMS summary and post pages.
  • implemented two additional navigation menus for CMS
  • implemented template for CMS & store category path link
  • implemented feature to display most popular and most recent posts for CMS
  • implemented feature to close comments posting on any CMS page.
  • improved CMS menu generation function so that the user can have total control on the appearance of the categories navigation menu.
  • implemented feature to disable post formatting so that the user can have total control over the appearance of particular pages that won't be part of the regular blog posts (like about us, privacy policy pages etc.) but still use the CMS theme for rendering.
  • upgraded database for upcoming new LXD hosting platform feature.
  • implemented a “maintenance mode” feature for the CMS